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OfferBoostTurbocharge your negotiations

OfferBoost helps you optimise your sales campaign by driving urgency and encouraging competition between buyers.

It gives you more control over your campaigns whilst building trust with buyers and vendors and ultimately maximising sales prices.

Trusted by top agencies across Australia
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Once we turned on OfferBoost, the activity was nothing less than explosive! We sold this property for $200,000 above the expected price and have used OfferBoost for every property since with the same phenomenal results!

Agent from Queensland
using OfferBoost

OfferBoost turns the game from Blackjack to Poker. Buyers are not playing the dealer any more, they’re playing against each other on an equal playing field. OfferBoost gives my buyers a fair shot at securing the property.

Agent from New South Wales
using OfferBoost

It’s amazing how it leaves buyer’s feeling pleased with the situation rather than played. In this market, maintaining buyer relations is crucial and OfferBoost helped me bridge the gap.

Agent from Victoria
using OfferBoost

Maximise results for your vendor

Adding OfferBoost to your campaign helps drive a sense of urgency for your buyers, creates more competition, helps drive your negotiations further and ultimately maximise results.

Drive urgency on any campaign

All features can be controlled by you from start to finish.

  • Countdown timer
    Drive campaign urgency by setting a deadline for offers to be submitted.
  • New Offer notifications
    Registered buyers are automatically informed when new offers are submitted which helps drive competition.
  • Reveal competition
    Encourage buyers to update or strengthen their offer by revealing where their offers stand in relation to other buyers.

Build trust with your buyers

OfferBoost improves your relationship with buyers by enhancing the communication and overall buyer experience.

Control the level of transparency through New Offer Notifications and the Reveal competition feature.

Help buyers understand where their offer is ranked in relation to others, and it encourages buyers to update their offer.

Always on, even when you’re not

OfferBoost campaigns are always working in the background to automatically inform buyers and keep them engaged in the competition from any device, anywhere.


When should I use OfferBoost?
You can use OfferBoost as a differentiator in your listing presentation. The features are designed to be used highly tactically from campaign commencement through to sale.

Book a demo or contact our sales team to learn more about how OfferBoost works with your campaign from start to finish!
How do I set up OfferBoost for my campaigns?
Log in to, click into a listing and navigate to the OfferBoost tab where you can control the features individually. We also have included suggestions for campaign strategies based on our learnings which you can find in our OfferBoost Set-up Guide’. You an always contact our friendly sales team for more help.
I don’t have any offers yet, can I still use OfferBoost?
Add a little bit of urgency by enabling the Countdown timer. And turn on New offer notifications so that other buyers are automatically notified when a new offer comes in.
I have already started my campaign, can I still use OfferBoost?
You can turn OfferBoost features on and off at any time throughout your campaign.
The settings can be found in the “OfferBoost” tab within a listing on
Our OfferBoost Set-up Guide’ can help you use the features based on your specific campaign. You an always contact our friendly sales team for more help.
What happens when I select Reveal competition?
You can select to reveal the ranking only or to reveal actual offer amounts. When you reveal the offer ranking, buyers can see where their offer stands in relation to others.
Should you choose to also reveal the offer amount, buyers will know exactly where they need to aim to be in a strong negotiating position*.

*Offer amount not visible in QLD and SA.
Is OfferBoost’s Countdown timer feature an auction?
No. It’s not an auction campaign.

The countdown timer is designed to create urgency and send a clear signal to buyers that you are taking offers within a defined time frame.

You can also set the purpose of the deadline e.g. Expressions of Interest which is communicated to buyers.

Turbocharge your campaigns with OfferBoost

Create urgency on any campaign
Build trust with your buyers
Maximise results for your vendor